Public relations at the animal facility - media

Curriculum vitae Merel (Jelméra) Ritskes-Hoitinga

January 2019



An open policy at biomedical/preclinical research centres is essential in order to demonstrate what animal experimentation is about, why and how it is done, and to show that there is nothing to hide. At the CDL in Nijmegen about 500-1000 people a year come for guided tours through the facility. These tours demonstrate that staff working with laboratory animals care for them and maintain high ethical standards. It also informs the public about the high requirements and standards of the Dutch Act on Animal Experimentation. Often there appears to be a huge lack of information. Also the media has regularly consulted me for topics regarding animal experimentation.


In 2011 “de vaste kamercommissie VWS” paid a working visit to the CDL.

Selection of media and internet presentations