Current and previous positions

Curriculum vitae Merel (Jelméra) Ritskes-Hoitinga

January 2019



Honorary SKOU professorship at Aarhus University, Denmark


3 months visiting professorship Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine, Denmark


Professor in Evidence-Based Laboratory Animal Science, RadboudUMC


Professor in Laboratory Animal Science and Managing Director of Centraal Dierenlaboratorium (central animal facility), Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


Professor in Laboratory Animal Science and Comparative Medicine, Biomedical Laboratory, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark – Odense and head of the Biomedical Laboratory (central animal facility)

1996 - 1997

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Laboratory, University of Southern Denmark

1989 - 1996

Animal Welfare Officer, head of the animal unit, Animal Welfare Officer and project manager at the Diet & Health Research section, Unilever Research Laboratory, Vlaardingen, the Netherlands

1987 - 1991

Thesis: "Diet and nephrocalcinosis in the laboratory rat", Department of Laboratory Animal Science, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Supervisors: Prof. Dr. L.F.M. van Zutphen and Prof. Dr. A.C. Beynen


Biomedical research into hypertension in SHR and SHR/SP rats, Japan, sponsored by a grant from the Japanese government (Monbusho).